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Before getting in the pool –

  • Wetting your hair thoroughly will help prevent pool chemicals from saturating your hair.
  • For even better protection, wet the hair and apply a good conditioner. We recommend Signature QUENCH, or HYDRATE.
  • Wearing a swim cap will add even more protection against swimmer’s hair.

After leaving the pool –

  • It’s important to take a quick rinse to help remove minerals.
  • If at all possible, shampoo and apply a good conditioner. We recommend Signature HYDRATE shampoo and conditioner.

Home maintenance –

  • At least once a week, shampoo with a good clarifying shampoo and apply a deep conditioner. We recommend Signature CLEANSE shampoo and MOISTURE MASQUE conditioner. Cleanse and Moisture Masque may be used more often for daily swimmers.

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Chlorine and Mineral Removal Treatment at Visible Changes

Chlorine and mineral buildup is damaging to your hair. Even if you don’t swim regularly, your hair can still absorb minerals from hard water, or from copper or iron pipes in the shower or bath. We recommend our Chlorine and Mineral Removal Treatment to instantly bring your damaged hair back to life!

  • Non-damaging, vegan formula
  • Immediately repairs damaged hair
  • Rebuilds inner structure of the hair
  • Instantly detangles and restores manageability
  • Hair becomes shinier, softer and full of body and bounce
  • Nourishes and protects every strand of hair
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