Visible Changes’ haircutting system was created by founder Maryanne McCormack after years of personal study under such hairstyling pioneers as Paul Mitchell. We require all new stylists to complete our Basic Training Program, whether they are new cosmetology graduates or experienced in the industry. Requiring this intense education is necessary to maintain the level of quality that is Visible Changes’ standard.


The Basic Training Program consists of haircutting or coloring classes as well as other aspects of the salon industry profession, such as styling, client services, product recommendation, communication skills and goal setting. When the required levels of quality and understanding are achieved and the final examination has been passed, the stylist or chemical specialist is promoted to the first styling or chemical level. Each stylist must graduate through a series of classes before moving up to a higher level.


Even after attaining the highest level, our staff members continue their education by attending seasonal classes to keep them on the cutting edge of trends.