We are excited to announce that Visible Changes is now on Instagram! Follow us by first searching for our Instagram handle: @VisibleChangesSalons – then, be sure to click ‘follow” to be in the know about all things hair and beauty. We’ll be posting styles straight from our salons, photos of your gorgeous looks and sneak peeks into the life ‘behind the curtain’ at Visible Changes Salons.


But don’t JUST follow us, the VC team wants to hear from YOU. We believe that your comments and images are the ones that best portray what Visible Changes is all about…not to mention it’s pretty exhilarating to hear from all of you and see your fabulous style! We invite you to share your photos with us by tagging #VisibleChanges – and, then be on the lookout, as we may feature your comments and photos on our page!


Search @VisibleChangesSalons or Instagram or go to www.instagram.com/VisibleChangesSalons.


About Visible Changes


Visible Changes Salons have been serving the Houston, Austin, San Antonio and Plano (Dallas area) areas since 1977. Founded by John and Maryanne McCormack, Visible Changes Salons are Texas’ premiere quality hair cutting, coloring and styling solution. The company has grown to include 17 salons across the state of Texas.  


Over the years, Visible Changes salons have become known for outstanding customer service, creative and innovative hairstyles and most importantly our well educated, talented hair stylist and Artistic teams. Visible Changes hairstyles have been featured in beauty industry publications, and most recently the company was named as “The Best Place to Work” from The Houston Business Journal.   


For more information go to www.VisibleChanges.com or follow us on social media at www.Facebook.com/VisibleChangesInc, www.twitter.com/VisibleChanges and www.pinterest.com/VCSalons.


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