Visible Changes Haircutting Specialist

Hair Cutting Specialist

At Visible Changes we employ only the best of the hair cutting industry. Throughout our 11 locations in Houston, San Antonio and Dallas we have hundreds of artists dedicated to making you look and feel your best.

Haircutters are fully licensed by the State of Texas and have completed the Visible Changes Haircutting Skills training program. This rigorous course takes six to nine months to complete and each candidate must pass a final examination as a demonstration of his or her abilities. 


Senior Cutter 
The second step in the Visible Changes world, Senior Cutters have performed a minimum of 7,000 haircuts and are requested by 50% of the clients they see.  These stylists have continued to learn and grow in their art after completing our mandatory haircutter course.


Master Cutter 
Master Cutters have cut over 14,000 heads of hair and are personally requested by 62% of their salon clientele at Visible Changes.


Style Director 
The Visible Changes Style Directors have an experience level of 20,000 haircuts and are requested by 75% of their salon clients. 


Art Director 
Art Directors have at least seven years of haircutting experience with Visible Changes salons, are requested by 80% of their clients, and have finished over 30,000 haircuts. Permanent members of our Artistic Team are also Art Directors. 


Creative Director
Creative Directors have a minimum of ten years cutting experience or have satisfied over 50,000 clients. They are skilled in all hair types, styles, and cutting techniques.


Premiere Director

The Visible Changes Premiere Directors are our most experienced and most requested stylists. In addition to meeting all the goals for all the previous levels, they are hand-picked by the management and the President of Visible Changes as being the best of the best. Premiere Directors are available only in select Visible Changes salon locations.