Father’s Day is this weekend and the Visible Changes team would like to highlight two very special Fathers!


We’re sure that if you’re connected with us on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest (and you should be!) that you have been following our ‘Fave Father’s Day’ campaign. We choose six (Cliff Huxtable, George Banks, Mufasa, Tim Allen, Marlin and Mike Brady) of Visible Changes’ favorite movie Dad’s who have given great advice and warmed our hearts on the big screen…then, we asked you to share why YOUR Dad deserved to be recognized!


You all shared fabulous stories, but we could only pick two winners! So, we’d like to give a warm, Visible Changes style shout out, to the father of Monica Louise Bustamante and Angie Leyba! Both of their father’s will be receiving a “Dad’s Only” Visible Changes gift full of our favorite men’s styling products. You can read their entries below!


And if you’re still looking for a stellar gift for your dad, it’s not too late! Stop by the salon today to pick up a Visible Changes gift card – and give your Dad the gift of style this year! 




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